Suicide in military

Remembrance Sunday: UK falls silent to commemorate war dead

“The things we see associated with suicide outside the military are the same things we see associated with suicide in the military.” (Dr. Timothy Lineberry)

The only disability in life is a negative attitude. Besides this we can do anything we want with putting on a side any disability or what we are going through.

In 2008 the army of America has reported 128 suicides. Scientists as well as families of those who killed themselves are trying to find the reason why…
Soldiers carry weapons. They hold a weapon in front of people they don’t know and before greeting or knowing each other, they have to kill each other. They are taught to be tough, suck up things and move on. They have to fight for their own lives and lives of their fellows on a battlefield. Therefore they are not allowed to be weak and suffer with depression. However, the increasing number of veteran’s suicides proves that soldiers – the men with stone-faces and toughest human beings can also suffer and need help and protection.
After watching many interviews with those who felt weak and wanted to commit a suicide, I will provide a few facts which might help us understand why that happens.
Soldiers who fought might lose parts of their body which will always remind them of the second when it happened. Voices, faces, smell…all those things are engraved in their memories and bring nightmares. After that they want to commit a suicide. People think their mind is weak. But they don’t realise that those who committed suicide after fighting in a war are not cowards but victims of the war. They were persuaded to do things which they didn’t like to do. Or if they chose to do it, don’t we all do things which we regret sometimes and we are ashamed of? Their lives become meaningless and living one day after another difficult. They start to think that they have no right to live. They return to their homes, see their children and they can’t look into their eyes without the feeling of guilt. They are supposed to be strong and don’t want to look weak in the eyes of others, therefore it is hard for them to admit they need help of a specialist. They start drinking too much, than they fall into a depression and want to escape all the bad what happened.

The study from 2012 published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has shown very striking information about the military suicide and is challenging everything we thought we knew about the causes of the increasing number of suicides of soldiers.
The paper published in the journal has collected data over the seven years period and analysed lives of more than 150,000 soldiers. The research has shown several unexpected patterns:
-Men were twice as likely to commit suicide as women
-Alcohol abuse more than doubles the risk
-Depression doubles the risk of suicide
-Service members who never went to war, members who went but didn’t experience the combat and service members who witnessed death on the battlefield were equally likely to commit suicide.

Feelings of unfulfillment could explain the suicides of non-combat members.
In Britain, the numbers of soldiers committing suicide is higher than the number of death in battles. What causes that? A case study from last year will reveal yet another reason, which is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a name of a range of symptoms which we develop in response of experiencing different traumatic events which are different from everyday life. It is often a delayed response. Lance Sergeant Dan Collins, 29, committed a suicide after suffering with PTSD. He twice survived being shot and was blown off his feet by a bomb. After seeing his close friend being killed in front of his own eyes, something has changed inside him according to his family. His last words were: “Ever since I’ve come back from hell, I’ve turned into a horrible person and I don’t like who I am anymore.”
A treatment for injured soldiers fighting for life is available. But what about soldiers suffering with PTSD? Does the government and society do enough in order to eliminate suicides of soldiers? I think we should all stop and think about it. Today, 10/11/2013 is a day when we all spend 2 minutes thinking of those who died in battlefield. We should also think of those who fought hard but killed themselves because they didn’t like themselves after all they experienced. They also are heroes!

RIP to all brave men who fought for the justice!

~ Tania


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4 responses to “Suicide in military”

  1. Zuzana says :

    Very good article! We do not usually think about such things, but those who went to war and experienced so many horrible events really are heroes. We should definitely pay more attention to this issue. Tania has managed to bring a very objective and a bit critical view of this problem, well done 🙂

  2. George says :

    Being a soldier is one of the few things on this world that makes you following orders without the right to have a say. This is where you are humiliated by the higher level soldiers! This is the profession, where the only way for an average soldier to exert influence and show off their power is at home where the biggest number of home abuse has taken place! This is the profession where you can get treated like a dog. This is the profession that forces human beings to fight one another!
    This is the profession where you get paid to ruin not build! This is the profession where you are ready to die! This is the profession where you can have the highest adrenalin level you can ever get!
    This is the profession that brings pride when you defend and hate when you attack!
    How are you going to say THANK YOU to someone when you have shot to someone else?

    How do you overcome all this pressure and can you find the inner peace and bring back the individual in yourself- who were supposed to think, question, have an opinion and love the closest?

    These questions should be asked!

    R.I.P to all fallen soldiers

    • Tania says :

      I totally agree with you George. In today’s fast changing environment we tend to forger about thinking of things which don’t necessarily influence our everyday life. And we should! Soldiers deserve not only our respect, but also attention!

    • prethicsandissues says :

      Very powerful sentences George, as you raise the issue of humiliation as well.
      It actually makes me think that it is not given to everybody to go through these hard times of taking someone’s lives, seeing friends be killed, be treated like an animal without expecting any reward from anyone.

      But probably the majority of people don’t realise that as they don’t “experience” it. Who is to blame then?

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