Bulgarians and Romanians are about to “invade” the UK

Immigration problem in the UK might already be boring for some people as we can hear and read about it every day. It seems like it is becoming an ethical issue.

However, what we read in the media since April this year about Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants who will “invade” the country is becoming a bit racist in my opinion. And I agree with a statement of one of my British friend who said that “it has made Britain look foolish”. It has been put out in the media as a repeat of 2004 (when the huge amount of Polish immigrants came) but much worse. It is like saying those countries are much more inferior and more corrupt.


BBC showing lack of basic geography knowledge

Some would say that it is a good thing and like that immigrants will not want to come here because of that. But is it really? Didn’t Britain damage mainly itself on the international state by playing this “cheap” game of trying to attack those countries by telling and showing to Brits only the bad sides of those countries? I have in mind a video of Naigel Farage who went to Bulgaria and tried to “capture” the whole country. But the video only shows poorest parts.

I have been to Bulgaria many times and I know it is not as show in his video. Nigel Farage is also saying with no shame that no British people want the Gypsies in this country. He is offending immigrants at any chance. And in the latest news he made a comment about the campaign of Ms May against immigrants where the signs such as “Go home” were presented on vans. He said: “This is not the way we should do things!”

Do you believe in this after the amounts of articles and campaigns which were put out in the media?

The topic was discussed by many specialists who say immigrants are good for this country and they bring better economy with them, however it seems that the lies from tabloids are appreciated more than real facts.

I recently attended an event where we discussed the future of England after the restrictions fall in 2014 and Bulgarians and Romanians will be able to freely work in Britain.  Different highly educated experts in economy, immigration and work agencies doctors attended. A member from UKIP attended too. One of his statements was: “British people stay without jobs because of immigrants. The British way of life is: you go study, you work, you get married, you get a mortgage, you have a family and you support the family. My friend who has lived aside of this rule is now losing 60% of his work to polish migrants in the UK. Part of this problem is migrants coming to UK, renting 3 bedroom flat for 7 people living in it, they split the bills so their costs are much less. And like that they can actually work for less. But when you’ve been installed in the UK of this is how we British live our lives it is very difficult for us as educated people – as my friend is and is now losing his house, because he cannot secure the work. And that is an issue!”

From this statement it seems that from his point of view British people think that what worked for someone 10 years ago will work the same way nowadays. Looking only backwards on times when something worked for my grandfather so it should work for me too, could mean that we will lose the “big time”. So actually, it is about adaptation. The future is ahead of us, so we should push ourselves forward.

Sentence:” The British way of life is: you go study, you work, you get married, you get a mortgage, you have a family and you support the family” made me research education in Britain. And it appears that the British education is the lowest ever.  Now I am not saying British people are uneducated, but stating proudly that studying hard is a priority in England might be a bit misleading.

Also, everyone’s concern is that the jobs are taken by immigrants. Couldn’t it be simply because British people are either not prepared to do or they don’t have the base of education or skills for the jobs taken by immigrants?

At the end, the main damage will be done in economies of the countries where the ambitious people decide to live and offer their abilities in a different country.

What do you think?


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14 responses to “Bulgarians and Romanians are about to “invade” the UK”

  1. Stanislav Michaylov says :

    I totally agree with your point. Just want to accent on the fact that there will always be people in every society, every country, who blame others for their mediocrity and failures in life. But we leave in a globalised world, harsh world, where people with knowledge, skills and motivation excel, and that’s all that matters. English economy is driven by innovation, no matter the origins of the people who drive it.

    • prethicsandissues says :

      Stanislav, thank you for sharing your opinion. I can see that you want to emphasize on the fact that people with knowledge and skills are more than welcomed in societies and their origin shouldn’t matter. Couldn’t agree more on that one. Yet, what I think is more worrying is that, as you said, there will always be a group of people that will be judged on their mediocrity and ‘failures’. Uuu, but where do you draw the line? According to what standards can you say that a particular individual has been less successful in life than someone else? Don’t you think THAT is the problem in the British society? I believe we too much got used to the very unfair and unreal scale of ‘rating’ people, which is purely based on materialistic substances (you have a Volvo, an iPhone, you wear Prada, so I’ll just assume you’ve been successful in life..is it really?) We are no longer able to appreciate those who maybe didn’t get a university degree, but are still brilliant technical workers and are willing to work in this country. And yes, I believe the UK needs those people (or otherwise they’ll be asking university graduates to come and fix the water pump). Therefore, I think it is the perception that has to be changed. The society needs to get rid of the ‘pure right and pure wrong’ thinking and see that actually it’s all quite transparent. Would you agree?

      • Stanislav Mihaylov says :

        I believe you didn’t get my point. I meant there will always be people (either stupid, after all IQ is genetic and it can’t be ignored as a factor for prosperity, or mediocre in their life goals and visions, or mostly lazy – and these are the worst) and exactly these people are the ones, who show the most prejudices and complain the most. They are the easily manipulated mass, whose opinion the government relies on to compensate for its completely chaotic immigration system. You asked how do you judge that in people – it’s not black and not white 🙂 But in many cases is obvious. Exactly the materialistic behaviour is a clear sign of mediocrity – I suggest you read the book (if you haven’t) “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki – it explains this very well.

  2. George Mcloughlin says :

    I won’t even entertain these idiots who say this. We opened our doors to europe and i am proud of that but this country can’t suddenly decide its because of bulgarians and romanians that we are overcrowded. Everyone deserves a fair break! No one made this kind of fuss about the polish and they are everywhere!

    • prethicsandissues says :

      George, thank you for sharing your opinion with us. I believe you are very right saying that once the UK has entered the EU, they have to treat all imigrants the same. Otherwise, isn’t that breaking the law? I’m currently following the news regarding student funds and loans that are meant to be taken away from Bulgarian and Romanian students. I personally think it is an absurd! The government is trying their best to discourage people to come and live in this country, but actually what they are doing creates the opposite effect. Think about it, they haven’t got the physical power to stop people from coming to UK but their claims are that new imigrants remain unemployed, therefore it’s bad for the economy. Hold on..but wasn’t it the government that took away from them the right to work without the green card in the first place?! I have got many friends that were trying to get the work permit, but thanks to the bureaucracy they would wait for ages to get it. It’s such a shame to watch all of this happen and my fear is that the media propaganda will only create a barrier between the British and Bulgarians/Romanians. Would you agree with that?
      Regarding the Poles, I think the media was reacting the same way as it is now. I’m Polish myself and I was following the government/media debate when Poland entered the European Union. And yes, there are plenty of us, but I guess the British now realise we’re not as evil and that we actually work pretty hard in this country. I can only hope the same will happen this time as well.

  3. Nayden Naydenov says :

    The case of Bulgarians and Romanians flooding the UK after 1st January 2014 is to a large extent politicised. Have in mind that usually the stuff discussed in the media and the facts stated are presented in the way the general masses of people want to hear/see them. So it is much more appealing to the general public to hear the bad sides of a potential immigrant wave from the East than saying what positives that may bring.
    Having said that, I should note that whenever I discuss these sort of things with my colleagues (all of them British, I am the only foreigner in a department of more than 200 people) they either make jokes with all these bullshit said by the media or just accept the fact that British empire to a large extent was built by the foreigners and immigrants and having another wave of immigrants is just another step in the development of this already developed economy.

    • prethicsandissues says :

      Nayden, I’m very glad to hear that there are some people out there that are not as narrow-minded and can appreciate the fact that immigrants are not evil and they work hard to stay and live in this country, just like anyone else. However, as you mentioned, media feeds people with what they want to hear (btw there was a guy in Germany back in the 1940 who did the same thing and masses followed..we know how dangerous this stuff is). So don’t you think that the media is actually creating a problem that does not exist? And where in all of that is the factual-based journalism? I mean, you’ve probably seen all the mistakes that BBC did when presenting ‘data’ about Romanians and Bulgarians. We know that it’s not possible that the UK will be ‘flooded’ by 13 Millions of Bulgarians, given the fact that there are only 7 Million living in Bulgaria, but how many people will actually go and check it? This kind of stuff only creates a barrier and hostility towards a particular group of people, which can then become a real socio-cultural issue. So, given these arguments, d oyou think that media should stop the spin and propaganda?

      • Nayden Naydenov says :

        Completely agree! Very often, the media is there to provoke a problem. I was recently in Jordan and a guy working in Syrian refugee camp near Amman told me that in the beginning of the conflict in Syria, more than 95% of the Syrians were actually happy with Bashar’s policies in the country. There was some movement/protest against some of his policies, but there was not any root for a civil war. He said that media in the likes of Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN were actually presenting facts and events in a very misleading way – a controlled propaganda.

        Obviously, these were the words of a person who works in a refugee camp, I appreciate that he may be biased to some extent, but I am also sure that there is some truth in what he was saying.

        And it is not only the BBC or CNN. Media across the globe are used by different controlling parties and governments to propagate certain ideas, theories and to manipulate the masses (from very tiny countries to massive global forces like the USA, the UK or Russia, and especially China and Iran…). I am sure that if someone conducts a survey among educated people to see how many watch the news, the results would be:

        c. 35-50% watch the news, but probably 5-10% take everything said with a pinch of salt, especially the news regarding politics and economy.

  4. Desi says :

    First of all, I would like to say that I agree to a certain extend with all these concerns of the English people about ‘immigrants coming to take their jobs and benefits’. I agree because of the presence of a number of immigrants who actually do that. But, on another account isn’t it true that the other percentage of foreign people who are working honestly and are paying taxes just like the English are the ones who are providing the money for all those English who are living on benefits? That is how the system has been working as far as I know and that is how it will continue to work. As simple as that.
    I would love to research the number of English who are living on benefits compared to the number of foreigners living on benefits and show this to the public. I do realize that the English would say that this is their country and their government should take care of their needs, but if this particular government has allowed the development of this situation, shouldn’t they blame their government, and not the ‘immigrants’? Moreover, I have never heard about people complaining that they are living on the taxes that the foreigners are paying towards the benefits, because money is money, isn’t it?
    And concentrating on the topic about Bulgarians and Romanians, I personally think that this has gone too far. I mean, first of all, it has been shown to the rest of Europe and probably the world the lack of knowledge about those two countries. It is true that their economic situation is not as stable as the other countries in the EU, but with all these restriction for already 6 years have shown that the people from these two countries are not coming to only ‘benefit’ from the richness of England, but have also invested in the country by paying their University tuition fees, working towards all the restrictions and waiting an offending period of time for getting a ‘work permit’. I, personally, entered the country as a student who was working and making their own living on these 20 hours a week that I was allowed and I still managed to get a 2.1 degree. I would love it if people could finally be able to make the difference between a ‘student’ and an ‘immigrant’ and stop being scared of the ‘invasion’ and start appreciating the diversity of their country, as they have always claimed to have done.

    • prethicsandissues says :

      I agree with you Desi when you say that England wouldn’t have such a sustainable national economy if foreign people weren’t working there. As an example, many woman in England younger than 25 years old who have a child decide to stop working or not start working to raise their child. They live thanks to the money government give them. Where does the money come from? Working British citizens but also foreigners who pay taxes!

      Furthermore, “invasion” is such a strong word. It is used to talk about parasite. Blaming Romania and Bulgaria for foreigner invasion in the UK is not coherent when the mayor of London, after the last French presidential elections, said that London would welcome all French people who would not want to stay in France because of new high taxes.

      Is England screening the foreigners it will let in?

      Many countries in the EU might struggle with immigration. But I personally, in France, never saw such propaganda against one immigrant culture.

      It looks like England is scared of other nationalities because they might not have as good education as England has. But from all the English people I know, only 10% speaks a foreign language. Whether all countries in the EU provide English classes from primary schools to universities included.

      In the end, where does the mistake come from? It seems integration is a problem for British people only…

  5. Hsiao-Hung Pai says :

    Brilliant blog! I wish there were more discussions like this around! In Britain, the anti-migration tabloid press has been feeding their daily dose of racism to the public.. Xenophobia in mainstream politics has paved the ground well for development of the far right. Nigel Farage is one of the most disgusting British politicians i’ve seen. Watching the video of his trip to Bulgaria only confirms my view of him. How patronisingly he talked to the Roma people in their neighbourhood…How dare him asking people who are living in poverty and destitution whether they’re going to come and “crowd” Britain! This British arrogance makes my blood boil! He and his party needs to be stopped.

    • prethicsandissues says :

      I guess it is easy for people who don’t experience such struggle to judge. These kind of people may think that foreigners are not smart enough for Britain, and as you just said, it is so arrogant! The only way to stop these kind of speeches would be to make them experience such difficulties Romanians and Bulgarians experience every day.

      Could we almost qualify this as hostility and animosity? I think so.

      But in general I have the feeling that people from all nationalities who come to work in the UK will never feel home because Britain doesn’t seem to want to welcome foreigners…and neither be part of the UE actually!

  6. George says :

    Good article, a thorough summary of the current situation. Nevertheless, we shall point out the chance some people see to get on the wave of the immigration issue targeting Bulgaria and Rumania, since they are almost powerless. Consequently, they build on their political ideology and accumulate all votes that have experienced the issues ever since. They would not be allowed to do so with other who are their market partners in a number of businesses.

  7. Boryana says :

    These two nations are both are suffering absolutely incorrect publicity which is ruining their reputation. Immigration is an issue in UK but narrowing down on a very very small minority is diverting attention away from the real problem – overpopulation and inadequate resources. Rather than scapegoating Bulgarians and Romanians further look into the country’s internal factors needs to be taken.

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