Celebrities vs privacy issues

The dictionary definition of a celebrity is ‘a person that enjoys public attention’. Fred Allen takes this definition even further and says ‘A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized’. Interestingly, the privacy issues arising in the world of celebs concern both statements. Some poeple even ask a question whether people who court public exposure for PR purposes relinquish their rights to privacy?

There are plenty of diverse approaches to privacy and celebrities often tend to claim theirs is unique or at least different from someone else’s. However, it seems to me that the problem, generally, appears as soon as the media try to get into the area of celebrities’ family/home/emotional/PERSONAL life. I can understand it must be hard to deal with cameras all over your fence, hunting your every move and words you say. But actually, aren’t celebrities only concerned about their privacy when the media reveals something UGLY about their life? It seems to me that the ‘privacy issue’ is actually more about the control over what is available to public and media, not about private life at all. In 2011 Mila Kunis lost her contract with Dior after the media caught her wearing sweatpants and writing later on that ‘she radically put on weight’. Of course, there was nothing positive about it for Mila herself but let’s take a look at this situation from another perspective. Considering Kunis is a very well- known person, and perhaps a role- model for many young girls around the world, don’t they deserve to know that the beautiful girl from magazine cover is mainly a result of hard work of Photoshop experts? It is important that people are aware that the ‘beauty queen’ is just one of us, it is important to know that the newest cream will NOT cover your wrinkles and that the $200 dress will NOT make you slimmer…Don’t you think?


But coming back to privacy..It is interesting to see how many celebrities create a buzz around themselves and then claim they have no privacy. Well, DUH, it such cases I believe it is completely fair to say that they relinquish their rights to privacy. Let’s take for example Kim Kardashian. She is not a famous singer, actress, not even a TV soap opera star…she is famous for..being Kim Kardashian! She is famous for showing EVERYTHING from her private life. From beauty surgeries to engagement, to wedding to…sex tape.. And when she makes claims that she has no privacy then all I can think of is ‘it’s all about MONEY!’ And I believe that those celebrities that truly care about their private life are not even attacked by paparazzi because simply there’s nothing the media could make a huge story of! Did you hear about Keira Knightley’s wedding? Did you see her beauty wedding pictures on magazine covers? Me neither! See, that’s what I think is a real concern about your privacy, that’s how celebrities could protect their private life..if they only really wanted to… So what do you think?  Whose job it is to take care of privacy? The media or celebrities?


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2 responses to “Celebrities vs privacy issues”

  1. Ewa says :

    The thing is, people know about you as long as you talk about yourself. You could be a popular celebrity outside your home but the more public you get the more people want to know about you. If you don’t speak about yourself people might lose the interest and losing the interest might lead to losing the job. The media is all about the fuzz, that’s how they get the money. They are dying for more information. If you don’t give it to them they will find somebody else to make money from. Of course, paparazzi are horrible and some of the journalists definitely cross the line but they’re just trying to make money which is understandable. It’s all about the money and it will not change. The privacy is the matter of the actual celebrity.

    • prethicsandissues says :

      Hi Ewa, thanks for sharing your opinion! Of course, there is a well- known statement about media exposure ‘being talked about is much better than not being talked about..whatever the topic’. But actually if you take a look at the example of Mila Kunis it can sometimes turn pretty bad. And even if you do make money out of media exposure then what is all the moaning about? You give up something to gain something else, right? Plus, as I said in the post, I think it’s quite fair that media chase celebs that endorse cosmetics or clothing. After all the public deserves to know what ‘role model’ they follow. And finally, I can’t completely agree that people know about you as long as you talk about yourself. I mean there are many niche actors and singers who do not appear on magazine covers and still they have millions of fans just because they’re good at what they do. But I guess this is a luxury that not many so called ‘stars’ can afford these days…

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