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Child Trafficking in the UK

We learn bad things everyday, including trades in children and sex tourism, happening in the UK as well… Sometimes issues are closer than what we would think

Modern Day Slavery

I remember hearing Lisa Bevere say, during an anti-trafficking campaign in the US, that what people used to travel for, they now are comfortable with doing at home. She was talking about people travelling for sex: sex tourism. It is from this that stems our belief that trafficking only happens in developing countries…or even just, in countries other than our own. This is so, so untrue. Human trafficking happens everywhere. Men, women and children are trafficked for labour, for sex in their own countries and in all other countries.

We often think of the horrors of human trafficking, especially child trafficking, happening somewhere far away from us. The harsh reality is that child trafficking is rife in the UK, and unless we become aware of this fact and join the fight against it, this monster will continue to grow in size and in reach.

Over the weekend marking the 224th…

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