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It’s not just the porn that will be over-blocked….

One more ethical issue served to us by the omniscient (!) politicians

Paul Bernal's Blog

Newsnight last night included a feature on how the recently introduced internet ‘porn-filters’ were actually blocking more than just porn. Specifically, they noted that sex-education websites, sexual health websites and so forth were being blocked by the filters. This comes as no surprise to anyone working in the area – indeed, my own blog post asking questions about porn-filters was itself blocked – but it is still good to see that the mainstream media is now taking it on board, albeit very late in the day.

It wasn’t a bad feature, but it only began to scratch the surface of the issue. It left a lot of questions unanswered and a lot of crucial issues untouched. The first of these was the suggestion, insufficiently challenged, that this over-blocking was just some sort of ‘teething trouble’. Once the systems get properly up and running, the problems will be ironed out, and…

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Child Trafficking in the UK

We learn bad things everyday, including trades in children and sex tourism, happening in the UK as well… Sometimes issues are closer than what we would think

Modern Day Slavery

I remember hearing Lisa Bevere say, during an anti-trafficking campaign in the US, that what people used to travel for, they now are comfortable with doing at home. She was talking about people travelling for sex: sex tourism. It is from this that stems our belief that trafficking only happens in developing countries…or even just, in countries other than our own. This is so, so untrue. Human trafficking happens everywhere. Men, women and children are trafficked for labour, for sex in their own countries and in all other countries.

We often think of the horrors of human trafficking, especially child trafficking, happening somewhere far away from us. The harsh reality is that child trafficking is rife in the UK, and unless we become aware of this fact and join the fight against it, this monster will continue to grow in size and in reach.

Over the weekend marking the 224th…

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Slavery Work Conditions in ARGENTINA – ZARA case


We often talk about unfair work conditions based in China, Taiwan, Brazil, and many others. Zara, the company managed by the group Inditex, has to face the accusation of dealing with suppliers that do not respect safe and fair work conditions. But first things first: in 2011, 52 accusations were made against the group Inditex by the Brazilian government. Zara’s parent company Inditex manages several famous fashion brands (including Bershka, Massimo Dutti). Zara’s major Brazilian supplier employed minors, working 12hours a day in unhealthy and dangerous conditions. Read More…

Eu and new gender employment standard

European Union prides itself in imposing new laws in many areas such as business, education, health, trade and the list goes on and on. One of the latest cases that caught my eye was the new law regarding gender equality in employment. Positive discrimination or a necessary regulation? Let’s discuss…

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Bulgarians and Romanians are about to “invade” the UK

Immigration problem in the UK might already be boring for some people as we can hear and read about it every day. It seems like it is becoming an ethical issue.

However, what we read in the media since April this year about Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants who will “invade” the country is becoming a bit racist in my opinion. And I agree with a statement of one of my British friend who said that “it has made Britain look foolish”. It has been put out in the media as a repeat of 2004 (when the huge amount of Polish immigrants came) but much worse. It is like saying those countries are much more inferior and more corrupt.

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