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Suicide in military

Remembrance Sunday: UK falls silent to commemorate war dead

“The things we see associated with suicide outside the military are the same things we see associated with suicide in the military.” (Dr. Timothy Lineberry)

The only disability in life is a negative attitude. Besides this we can do anything we want with putting on a side any disability or what we are going through.

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Suicide takes the greatest of its toll- youth.

Modern world is brimfull with joy, love, passion and happiness. We are all being overwhelmed with peculiar image of life being a constant, unremitting path to success. We are being made believe it will be eternal…
But what happens when the colourful bubble of UNREALITY breaks? What image of us does it leave behind? Have you ever thought what is hiding in the darkest corners of YOUR mind?… Regardless the answer, I want you to meet Peter (name changed) a 7-year old boy whose story is more than heartbreaking.

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Suicide is an act of bravery

The word “suicide” comes from Latin origins sui and caedere which mean the self and the action of killing (suicidium). There are few common prejudices toward suicide: most people have the same opinion about the reason that makes one commit suicide: despair.  We also tend to think it can come from mental disorders such as schizophrenia, an illness mainly defined by the difficulty to distinguish reality and unreal facts. We also tend to see suicide as a result of a psychologically weak state of mind. But in this post I will explain how suicide is an act of bravery.

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